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Dugi Otok is an island of great diversity and contrast, and the largest island of Northern Dalmatia. It 's long and 45km wide between 1km and 4km with the highest peak of Vela Straza 338m. Dugi Otok island and is characterized by strong contrasts: the part that is located in the Natural Park Telascica is mostly steep and there are views of the cliffs above the sea​​, while on the side of the island to the mainland is found of quiet coves and sandy beaches Sakarun and Mezanj.
In Dugi Otok lives about 1500 permanent habitants. An excellent road connects all twelve villages of the island and driving you find there the fantastic panoramic views of the sea and the surrounding islands. The island Dugi Otok is well connected to the mainland by ferries and fast ships. Dugi Otok is primarily a holiday destination to relax and enjoy the environment and natural beauty in these places that fortunately have not been still touched by mass tourism. Followers of the active holiday will find satisfaction in the exploration of the island to the trails to secluded bays, or trips to the Natural Park and National Park Kornati. In Dugi Otok there are several diving schools that offers the possibility to visit some of the most beautiful dive sites, such as cave diving near Brbinjscica or island Mezanj.
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Dugi Otok beaches
Every village on the Dugi Otok has its own beach and almost as a rule are rocky beaches, but normally accessible. The most beautiful beaches of the island, however, remain those out of the towns that for the most part are located on the island offshore. The sandy beach of Sakarun is well known and among the most beautiful in the Adriatic, but also the beaches of Veli Zal in the front of the islet Mezanj or many "anonymous beaches" that sometimes is reached only by boat, are not much less for their beauty.
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